Unique Approach & Methodology
Dual Impact takes copy to the next level by extending the "market driven" concept into the socio-cultural realm, and emphasizing niche appeal. A core element of our approach is what we term "market personalization". Market personalization requires niche sensitivity, and demands equal focus on product as well as target audience. This balanced approach boosts the clarity, differentiation, and unique appeal of your message. So that no matter what your product or service is, and whether or not you are trying to break through traditional cultural boundaries, with Dual Impact you stand a much better chance of extending your market reach and increasing customer loyalty.

Each Dual Impact project reflects 15 years of corporate experience in Product Marketing, Domestic and International Sales, and Marketing Communications. Each piece also draws from a background in education and linguistics, and Honors awarded Bilingual and Bicultural (Spanish/English) expertise. Biography

High Quality/Low Cost
Dual Impact provides all of the valuable advantages of using an independent contractor. When compared to the use of a large marketing/advertising firm, or support of a full-time in-house staff, Dual Impact brings the same level of expertise at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, because we work on a project basis, we are able to offer you the personalized attention, which translates into quality and results that will surpass your expectations.


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